The Caves


You were still alone when a yellow, spotted dragon came bounding down the passageway.

Though it was obviously going somewhere, he stopped when he saw you, a puzzled look upon his face. "You're a..."

Human, you supply for him. He nods. "I'm a Tsume...called Sheerka."

A Tsume! You tell him about the others you'd met, and as you tell your tale your enthusiasm fades a bit, remembering how nasty some of them were. But Sheerka seemed kind enough.

"Yes, I know them. I don't associate with them much, they don't live in my neck of the mountain you know." He glanced a few times down the path, "I realy must be going though."

You nod, allowing him to leave. You wondered if he was going to meet with them, he was heading in the right direction. You on the other hand, head the other way.

You round a sharp bend when SPLASH! You fall face first into a pool of water. Fortunately it wasn't very deep. As you stand up, the light in the tunnel gets stronger and a shimmering movement could be seen beneath the water. Quickly you scramble out, as the form coalesced into an aquatic Tsume.

You stare at the mix of colours upon his body. It made you think of some kind of tropical creature, like a rainforest frog or bird. No, more like those tropical fish from a coral reef. He raises his head from the water and gives you an odd look. He seems to be debating whether or not to say anything. Finally he comes to a decision and introduces himself, "Hello traveller, I'm Yaweh. Welcome to my pool."

You lick your lips as a drop of water dribbles over them. It was salty! You hadn't realized you said that out loud until he reply, "Yes, SunBlind has set up a portal such that I can travel to the ocean from here." Cool! you think.

"If you don't mind my asking, why were you thrasing about in the water a moment ago?"

Ah, so that's what he was debating asking about. He didn't was to embarass you. No worries, you'd gone ahead and embarassed yourself all on your own. You explain that you just fell right in.

"I see. That happens fairly often to non-draconic folk. Your eyes don't see to work so well in the dark as ours. I keep forgetting to maintain the lights around here."

Well, it was time to be off. You'd dry faster if you were walking anyway. Yaweh dives to the bottom of the pool, and vanishes in a brief flash as he passes through the portal. You wondered what kinds of creatures lived in the oceans of SunBlind's Realm.

Suddenly a white form streaks up towards the towering heights of the cavern. It twisted and writhed as if in some kind of pain, bright orange markings upon its wings flashing. In an instant it was gone, perhaps through some opening in the ceiling, or through a portal such at Yaweh's. Either way you left with a disturbed sensation.

Name: Sheerka
ID: t224m
Gender: Male
Element: Energy
June 2005

Name: Yaweh
ID: t250m
Gender: Male
Element: Ocean
Notes: Completely hairless. His skin is soft and flexible, like a fish. His colorings are modeled after that of some tropical fish.
August 2006

Name: Sylflae
ID: t264f
Gender: Female
Element: Light/Fire mix
Notes: The circular markings on her wings are transparent and allow light to shine through. The color is caused by blood flowing through her wings, as her blood is like flame.
September 2007


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