The Caves


You really weren't feeling that well after all that heat. The passageway around you seem to twist and turn in a dizzying manner. Soon you were leaning against the wall to keep yourself upright. Then even standing became too much for you and you were forced to collapse to the floor. You found you could no longer move, not even enough strength to blink. You were wondering if this is what it felt like to die when Ivanyst appeared coming down the tunnel.

You tried to call out to her, but you couldn't take the breath you needed to make a sound. But she'd certainly see you there out in the open, or were her eyes too old for that? As she neared she seemed different, more vibrant, stronger. You realized she was younger, though she still missed that claw on her left forefoot.

"Elill?" she asked. Then the scene made a sickening spin to focus on a dragon which was coming up the tunnel from the other direction.

He had the most terrifying set of talons you had ever set your eyes on, and by now you've seen quite a collection of them. His body seemed to be made of molten silver mixed with glass. You were also sure that you'd never seen anything quite so beautiful.

He waited for Ivanyst to come up to him, and together they continued down the passage. After a moment the air cooled and you felt much better. To your relief, you found you were able to take big gulps of the clear air and you felt ready to continue on your way. Whether what you had seen had really happened, or if your mind had been as frozen as you body, you weren't sure. You wondered about the significance of it.

February 2003


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