The Caves


After a series of complicated twists and turns you find yourself in something akin to a wind tunnel, a *cold* wind tunnel. You shiver as the icy breeze tugged at your clothing and played with your hair. And then without warning the wind just stopped and in its place was a large six-legged dragon whose silvery eyes glared at you.

He hissed cruelly as you approached so you stopped where you were. He appeared to study your for a moment, the ran his tongue along his lips. You swallow......hard. Then he spoke.

Welcome traveller, I am Ma'itsu, a Mazoku dragon. I assume you wish to know more? You humans always do, probably because you know so little to begin with. he sighs.

You nod feebly. As long as he was talking he couldn't eat you. It wasn't polite to talk with your mouth full and he did seem polite, in a menacing way......

We are called Mazoku because we display traits of monster or demons, specifically those of the vampire. You think back to SunBlind, who was also a vampiric dragon, but then she never leered at you quite like that, and somehow her fangs didn't seem that long......

We despise bright lights of any kind, but love the cold and the gloom, especially the night, when we are most active. We also prefer to drain our victims of blood before we eat them.... He brings his head so close to you that you could feel his breath, which was decidedly *not* warm.

We bond through a bite, and we prefer the neck. If a hatchling does not bond before it reaches the fledgling stage, it looses the bonding ability and will go wild. Should a hatchling bond, the eye color of the hatchling will alter at the adult stage to match that of his or her bond. Wild, unbonded dragons have silvery white eyes. You stare at his swirling silver eyes.

Unbonded dragons are dangerous..... he hissed. It is the bond that controls us. Thinking back a moment you relaxed, SunBlind had silver eyes as this one had probably bonded her, you hoped. Unless she were a wild one as well. Then again she didn't have six legs, so you decided she must be something else completely.

We each have power over an element, mine is Air which gives me control of Wind and Illusion.

With that he shimmered and disappeared. The question was now, did he use illusion to disappear, or had he been an illusion all along? Whichever it was, you sighed with relief that he hadn't bitten you.

Name - Ma'itsu
Gender - Male
ID - D19M
Parents - Touketsu and Mitsukai
Mate - None
Offspring - None

March 2001

Mazoku Dragons

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