The Caves


At least it seemed much warmer now that the Mazoku dragon was gone. Your spirits lifted as well, you hadn't realized how that dragon's personality had pulled you down. Suddenly there was a snarl and a dragon leaped out at you!

You fall back, arms up to ward off the attack but it never came. Finally getting the courage to look you see the blue lizard snarling, but it had a chain wrapped around his mouth, like a muzzle to prevent him from bitting you. Just the same you were glad he couldn't reach you, he had nasty claws!

After a while, he finally got bored and slipped off somewhere. You look into the cavern from which he left and find more draconics like the first.

These also had large, deadly looking claws, but they were fairly friendly, coming up to investigate you, though not quite sure they wanted you to touch them. Finally the light coloured female started to coo gently are you scratched behind her ear, the male looking on with great interest.

A strange feeling made you look up and to your amazement, there was another one, flying. You wondered if wings were rare, then somehow knew that wings were the norm, you just happen to have encountered a mutated bunch. They didn't seem to mind. The flying female landed nearby but didn't come any closer, being more wary than the other two.

Now you were rubbing one head with each hand. The female still cooed while the male did something between a growl and a purr. The other female just preened her lovely feathers. Suddenly there was a noise or a cry, probably from the first male you had met, and all three ran out of the room. You decided not to follow and to put as much distance between yourself and the viscious one. Better safe than sorry, especially when dealing with dragons and their kin.

Ferociousness Of The Moonlight's Attack
Gender: Male
Element: Moonlight
Parents: Unknown
ID: L86M
Mutations: no wings
Note: Very vicious. Is wearing a muzzle.

Name: Breeze Of Transparent Life
Gender: Female
Element: Life
Parents: Unknown
ID: L87F
Mutations: feathered wings

Name: Web of Entangled Mists
Gender: Female
Element: Mist
Parents: Unknown
ID: L88F
Mutations: no wings, no hindlegs.

Name: Vial Of Cooled Mercury
Gender: Male
Element: Mercury
ID: L97M
Parents: Wild
Mutations: no wings

March 2001


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