The Caves


This cavern was empty for now, but you could tell that it had been cleaned out in preparation for something moving in. You wondered if its was SunBlind who did the cleaning or the creature. Maybe it was just outside......

......or maybe right behind you! The draconic creature peered at you, and smiled with a great number of sharp teeth.

"A visitor! My first visitor! I hope you don't mind the state of affairs of my cave, I've just moved in. I haven't had time to really get things set up yet. As you can see I just finished cleaning out what the last inhabitant left behind. Such a mess! You wouldn't have believed it, even if you had seen it. Just awful, I don't know how dragons can live that way."

So you ask the obvious, was he a dragon. "No, oh my no. Not really. I'm a Whorling, but I'm mostly draconic, if that's what you mean. There's definitely some dragon blood flowing through my veins, but there's probably some other things too. Who knows what might come out of the whorl. We don't worry ourselves over trifles like that."

The whorl?

He nods. "Oh, I've been so rude. No proper introductions! I am Kahn. Very pleased to meet you."

It seemed like a rather lame attempt to avoid the question, but he certainly looked sincere about the change in topic. You could see the portal glowing in the back of the cave, like in all the others. If you really wanted to know, you could probably go there and find out for yourself.

Suddenly, he was encouraging you to leave. "Yes, yes. I have much to do, and I don't like having people to see me in such a state of disarray. My oh my, I can't believe I've made you sit around so long in a place like this. Please, do come back soon, I always enjoy a visitor or two....but once I've got this place presentable!"

With a final push of his tail, you find yourself outside in the passageway once more. Interesting. Though not quite so interesting as the draconic whorling out here.

She was long and thin with reflective scales. In addition to the expect four legs and tail she had a pair of smaller arms, though all her feet were well clawed. She smiled at you, without baring teeth.

"I see you've met Kahn. I am Esper. I used to live in this cave next door, but when he moved in I decided it was time to find a new place to stay. He can be...annoying, no? Well, it was nice meeting you, but I've got to get the last of my things so I can settle in to my new home."

With that she did indeed enter a cave next to Kahn's, though the opening was barely large enough even for her lithe body.

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The Whorl

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