The Caves


She seemed about as surprised to see you as you were to see her. She spread her red and white wings as if getting ready to fly, displaying a dark purple underneath. You tried to calm yourself, as you saw that she wasn't interested in attacking you.

"Who are you?" she asked.

You explain, also adding why you came out of the previous cave so quickly that you had nearly stumbled right over her.

"Oh yes, I've met Kahn. He's a bit of a busy-body. My name is Mowri~Whi, I am a Kinsarian flit." She settled her wings about her now that she wasn't afraid you of you attacking her anymore. In truth, she seemed to be a very friendly creature. "I'd like to stay to learn more about what you've seen in your travels, but I have a message to relay that cannot wait." She then began to waddle down the passageway on her two hindlegs. You wondered why she didn't fly, then realized that the ceiling dropped rapidly a little ways onward till she had to squeeze her way through a little opening. There was not way you could follow her there.

So you go the other way, left with the burning question of what that message might have been. Ah, but is curiosity not a torture, no?

Name: Mowri~Whi
Gender: Female
Color Class: White

September 2001


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