The Caves


The tunnel gets very dark that at last you could see nothing at all, not even your hands in front of your face. You couldn't turn around to go back the way you came, because you weren't quite sure which way that was. So you did you best and just kept moving, hoping you'd eventually touch a wall.

Well, it wasn't a wall but it was something. It was wet, about knee deep and you knew this because you were standing it in. There was a chittering sound and the room filled with light. You looked down at the small red creature in the water looking up at you angrily.

"Why don't you look where you're going?!" he hissed.

Let's just say you weren't in the best of mood with your socks soaking wet so you replied something about keeping the lights on.

He just shook his head. "Well, now you know. So be careful next time. My name is Spark, and I'm a Kazeno. We prefer our water habitat, so don't mind me if I don't come out."

You chat with him a while while you dried out your shoes. He turned out to be quite a friendly fellow after he forgave you for stepping in his home.

As you left, he promised to leave the light on long enough for you to get yourself into another part of the Mountain.

Name: Spark
Gender: Male
ID: 09
Parents: Unknown

November 2001


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