The Caves


In general, dragons didn't seem to gather in large groups. Well, there seemed to be a large number of them in the Mountain, but they didn't seem to gather in large groups in the same room. Except for these. And the one on watched let out a large flame in your direction.

"Akamar!" the blue dragon scolded, looking back over his shoulder. "We've been waiting for that one."

At the moment that seemed like a good thing, unless you were dinner being delivered right to their doorstep. You squirm uncomfortably as six pairs of glittering eyes settle upon you.

"I am Kafael. The twins are Felis and Zorax......", the purple dragons nod as their names are mentioned.

"This is Astines...", as he was introduced he emitted a low growl and bared his teeth, but did not advance.

"And finally Sprill." At least this one seemed safe, even cute.

The blue dragon still looked over his shoulder at you, then with a snort exclaimed, "I cannot be! You are not yet ready! And we've already waited so long."

Astines hissed in reply, "Perhaps this human isn't even the one."

Kafael glared him into silence. That one was without a doubt the leader, and you wondered how ferocious he must be to make the aggressive Astines cower with respect.

"This is the one. But not yet. Leave now, return when it is time."

You decide obedience was the best course of action, especially since it seemed to be getting you out of harm's way. As you leave you can hear Kafael swearing about the limitations of the human mind. How much longer were they expected to wait? The others agreed, as frustrated with you as their leader. You decided that even if it were time you would not go back, they'd be only that much more iritable by then. Besides, ready for what?

February 2003

The Silver Unicorn

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