The Caves


It was then with great relief that they next draconics you encountered were small, the smallest was actually downright tiny. They were extremely curious and they clustered about you, attempting to get the most of your attention. You stroked their fluffy manes and scratched behind their ears, well where they would be if you could see them. They crooned with pleasure.

Then you attempted to leave.

They followed.

You shooed them back into the cave.

They came right back out again.

You attempted to ignore them as you continued down the passageway. Maybe if you didn't give them any attention they would get bored of you. They didn't.

Finally, you'd just about had it with their attempts cling to you like no tomorrow. You were about the yell at them for all you were worth when a formless voice exclaimed - Ah, so that's where you two have been. Come here Femell, come here Parl. I'm sorry if my wyverns have distressed you. They'll leave you alone now.

Sure enough they had flown out of sight. You had no idea how they knew which direction to fly in, the voice seemed to have come from all directions and none. You call out your thanks but you get no reply. Shrugging, you hope that the voice had heard you anyways. Perhaps the voice had been SunBlind's, though why she didn't show herself you couldn't be sure.

Name: Femel
ID: d169f
Gender: Female
Type: c.b
Notes: Super rare black and white coloration, speaks fluent faidian

February 2003


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