The Caves


You enjoy exploring for a while without encountering any more dragons. You did come across what looked like someone's hoard, except that instead of gold and silver, this dragon seemed to be obsessed with buttons. You'd never seen an entire cave full of buttons before. Another cave was filled with the remains of its inhabitant's last few dinners....from the last few hundered years. You got out of there as fast as you could. Another cavern appeared to have gems embedded in the walls and when you touched them they warmed up and began to glow. Unfortunately they were stuck fast and you couldn't pry one loose. They would have been useful the next time you got stuck in the dark.

After a while, you tired of entering empty caves and wanted to actually meet one of the creatures that had drawn you here in the first place. At last you had success when you entered a cave to be met by a widely grinning lizard creature.


You wondered if it had coughed.


Suddenly it dawned on you that that was its name. It padded over to you happily and began to lick you like a puppy. TARFA!

You scratched it behind its ear and it actually started shaking a hindleg just like a puppy would have. Granted, a puppy with great big teeth and sharp claws, but a puppy nonetheless. It pressed itself so hard up against you, you toppled over to the ground. There it snuggled up into your lap and promptly fell asleep snoring loudly.

Well, you needed to take a break anyway, right?

Name: Tarfa
Gender: Female
ID: 18

February 2003

Rainbow Serpents

Buttons and background from Kat's Meow