The Caves


You wake up to find that Tarfa had disappeared, but though you couldn't see anything, you still felt as if you were not alone. A soft hiss confirmed this. Looking up you see a draconic creature looking down at you. With a graceful leap it spread its strong wings and landed gently nearby.

"A human," he said tipping his head to one side. "Who'd have thought you had enough brains about you to get this deep into the Mountain without being eaten. Well, I guess there's a first for everything."

You didn't particularly care for his snobbish remarks and he snorted with laughter.

"Trust me, the weight of the evidence is against you...and in several dragon bellies I might add."

He seemed to take great pleasure at your reaction. Then he started to laugh, good naturedly this time and punctuated with chips and trills. "I love it, gets them every time. Don't mind me, though its true that most humans don't even get past Venom, let alone this far. You've impressed me. I am Drazo by the way, my name that is."

You pushed aside your iritation at the cat sized creature and realized he wasn't quite as nasty as you had though. Actually he seemed quite a happy, friendly creature. At least now that he was smilling rather than sneering at you.

He flew back up to his ledge. "Now, to wait till my next victim goes by...."

You were pretty sure you had never heard a dragon giggle before.

You hadn't gone far before there was a shriek behind you, followed by a very annoyed growl. Curiosity made you turn around and go back. There you found a larger female Kiezo, one finned hand pinning Drazo to the ground. He looked miserable.

"Go away," she said. "Let me deal with this little sneak." You shrug, quite happy that he was about to learn his lesson, though you hesitated a little, you didn't actually want him to get hurt. The female seemed to sense this.

"I won't eat him, it that's what you're thinking. Just making sure he never does that to me again." Drazo nods as well as he could from where he was. You ask the female's name.

"I'm Aeris. Though my preference is for the waterways of this cavern, sometimes I'm forced to travel by land. Not all the waters are interconnected. Today was one of those days and this little green worm just made it that much more unpleasant." She hissed at him and he squirmed uncomfortably. "Sometimes its hard to believe we're the same species."


You were beginning to understand that the Kiezo came in all shapes and sizes. This female had a strange kind of armour over her back...and an extra pair of legs!

"I am Cyval." She then looked down at Drazo who was still pinned by Aeris. "Funny thing, that little one. Wings make the so flighty." Flighty was certainly not a word to be applied to Cyval, she was strong, sturdy and down to earth. She may not move quick but you were certain people would move out of her way when push came to shove.

Feeling better that Drazo wasn't actually going to get hurt, you leave Aeris to her "gentle" teachings and continue on your way. Since Aeris had also been headed in this direction, you figured you find water soon enough.

Name: Drazo
Gender: Male
ID: 23
April 2003

Name: Aeris
Gender: Female
ID: k83f
November 2004

Name: Cyval
Gender: Female
ID: k96f
December 2004

Kiezo Glade

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