The Caves


You land with a loud "THUD!". The fact that the ground was hard, you were intimately aware, but aside from that you didn't know where you were. The table and its contents had disappeared but it seemed like you were in the very same passageway where you had met Nephtak. Only now there was a light at the end of the tunnel.......

Heading towards this light you realize that it was created by a fire burning in the center of a fairly large room. Then out of the shadows came a brightly coloured dragon.

"Ah, a visitor. Please, come sit near the fire. It can get rather chilly in here."

Chilly was the last word you would use to describe the overheated room, but you sit near the fire hoping it will dispel some of the heat, you know, the way an Arab gets all wrapped up to keep the heat out. Ok, fine, so it didn't work but it was worth a try.

"I don't get many visitors down here, probably because its so cold. My name is Ivanyst, a Silshar dragon from the of the first ones to leave I believe."

Ah, that would explain her desire for heat, she was probably elderly even though she had youthful features, even though she seemed to be missing a claw. Maybe this type of dragon didn't age the way one would expect. Or maybe dragons in general don't age the way one would expect. That would be something to investigate, but you didn't have the heart to bring it up with Ivanyst.

You feel something drop on your shoulders......a blanket. Just what you needed. At least you could use it to wipe off your sweat.

"I don't want you to catch a chill now!" Then she settles down near the fire and falls asleep. You place the blanket over part of her side. It was much more use to her. And so you leave the gently snoring dragon.

March 2001


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