The Caves


You walk along what seems to be an endless passageway and you weren't sure it was ever going to end. You were now tired, hungry and really thirsty. Your feet hurt and it seemed like you were walking but you weren't really sure you were getting anywhere. It was light enough for you to avoid walking into the wall, but too dark to make out any distinguishing features on the wall. Wouldn't it be embarassing if you were just walking in circles?

It turned out you weren't. A table appeared around the next corner with food and drink on it, all human size and to human tastes. Thankful that some magic out there decided to be kind to you, you sit down and eat hungrily. The food was wonderful and the drink very refreshing.

It was the hiss that alerted you to the presence of the black dragon.

The dragon was huge, with long, cruel fangs. His golden eyes narrowed as they settled upon you sitting at the little table. Feeling rather helpless you do the only thing you can do, hide underneath. Barely able to fit, you crawl under the table and manage to spill the drink over your head.

The dragon lowers his head to glare at you some more, his tongue slipping out and he hisses again.

"Human, you have the scent of the Realm Keeper upon you. You are fortunate you have permision to wander these secret halls."

You nod silently at the dragon's cold words. As he spoke them they very nearly dripped with venom and froze when they hit the ground. If words could actually do that of course.

"I am Nephtak." He said matter of factly then with one swipe of his tail made the table with everything around it, including you, go flying into the void.

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