The Caves


Slipping away from the tiny creatures in the cave next door you squeezed through a small opening to find yourself in a smallish room. And living in this smallish room was a smallish reptilian creature which kind of didn't look like a dragon.

He blinked at you as you studied him. "Hello, I am Grepser, a mini-býraud."

He didn't volunteer anymore than that. So you ask if he really was a dragon. With a surprised look he replied, "No, no! Mini-býrauds have dinosaur and bird genetics but we have nothing in common with dragons. No fire breathing or anything like that. But that makes us much more friendly!" he grins.

"Our origins are magical, that's why each and everyone of my kind are so different from each other. We were magically created when Cynther took the much larger Býraud and shrunk them. That explains the mini part right?" he laughs again. "But since she couldn't just shrink all the Býrauds she starting creating up completely through magic. And I'm one of the end results, what do you think?"

You tell him that you though Cynther had had a very good idea. He laughs so hard he ends up rolling on the floor wiping away tears.

You bid him farewell as you exit into the passageway.

Name: Grepser
Parentage: Of the Created
Gender: Male
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Mini Býrauds

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