The Caves


Gasping for breath, you feel so happy about having escaped that Carmor. Finally breathing normally once again you take a look around this cave you've wandered into. There was nothing.....or was there?

Somehow it felt like you weren't alone, but after spending some time searching the shadows of the cave you found nothing. Shrugging your shoulders you were just outside the door when chirping sounds made you turn around and go back. And then you were dive-bombed by a smallish red and green creature.

She looked at you curiously for a moment then chirped again. You decided to call her Chyni, since that was a short name that sort of suited her. She purred as you rubbed her head. Then you had to reach down and scratch the head of your little friend who didn't want to be left out. She wasn't really a dragon you could tell.

As you were pleasantly occupied by the little red and green creature, you found yourself bombarded once again. You knew she could move fast,, you were still touching her. There was a second one, with brilliant colours.

You notice he had double wings. He was quite beautiful actually. He seemed to be protecting the female, his mate perhaps? You show him that you have no intention of hurting her. He settles down and requests some attention for himself.

It seems they weren't able to speak, so you'll just have to follow the portal of origin below to find out exactly what they were.

Name: Chyni
Gender: Female
ID: 58
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Name: Zorn
Gender: Male
ID: 109
Mate: None
Offspring: None
November 2001

Necco - Arborwin Adoptions

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