The Caves


The brightly coloured female dragon which greets you at the entrace to this cave emits a low growl as she hovers a few feet in the air. At first you're not sure if you should leave, but then again, there was nowhere for you to go but past the entrance. Unless you wanted to spend the rest of your life with the Ritaer.

So you slink along the opposite wall of the passageway, as flat as you could get. She watches you intently. Rather territorial, you think. Right when you're at the point where you diddn't have time to rush back, nor run past, she lunges forward and pins you to the wall. She grins.

"Hello," her voice almost purred. "My name is Safira, and I'm a Carmor. Don't bother telling me what you are, as it will be just another word for lunch......"

A loud hiss could be heard from down the passageway. She turns her head to see what it was. Not wasting a moment, you slip between her talons and race down the tunnel. You hear her rumble in frustration.

Name: Safira
ID: 24
Gender: Female
Sire: Crully
Dam: Voil
Mate: None
Offspring: None

Arborwin Adoptions

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