The Caves


Once again you come across a flooded passageway. For being a place where dragons lived, there was a fair amount of water. But you were beginning to learn that dragons were not all about fire. On the contrary, many of the breathed various other things, or nothing at all.

As you had come to expect, the water was not uninhabited. The pink, finned dragon raised her head out of the water as you approached.

"Hello?" she seemed to ask, obviously not familiar with "dragons" that looked the way you did. You introduce yourself and she starts to laugh. "Forgive me, I've never seen a human before. I knew you were not dragon, but not could I give your species another name. And as for me, I am name Sassafrass."

You ask if she would help you across the water.

"Of course! Just climb upon my shoulders in front of my dorsal fin. I can't guarantee that I won't get your feet wet, but I'm assuming its still an improvement over having to swim, no?" You agree and try to get on her slippery back. Somehow you manage without falling in, and with a few strokes of her tail, she's dropping you off on the other side.

"Just call my name if you need to get back across this way. Always glad to help out." And she disappears into the dark waters.

As you leaned over the ripples to see where she might have gone, you caught sight of motion. But you were unprepared to have the second dragon surface right under your nose.

As he watched you fall backwards onto the ground dripping wet, he grinned a malicious grin. He thought it was funny. It also seemed like he wasn't finished with you yet. Reaching out a webbed talon, he grabbed one of your legs and started to pull you in. You struggled, but you were no match for the much stronger creature. A low growl from the other side of the water caused the dragon to let go and vanish. Quickly you scramble out of reach should he regain his courage.

The orange dragon looked at you with concern. "Are you all right, little human?" she asked. You nodded and expressed your gratitude. "It was no trouble. Seraph is a trickster, but a coward. He would not have eaten you, but rather gotten a lot of pleasure watching your struggles. But he doesn't like to be the weaker one in a conflict, his own suffering he does not enjoy."

You once again thank the female, she shakes her head. "You are offering more thanks that I deserve. My name is Xafrek. Should Seraph bother you again, tell him that you will tell me about the incident. He will most certainly leave you alone then."

"That is indeed true."

This last came from another aquatic dragon. He peered from the dark waters at the pair of you. "Oh don't mind me. I usually try to avoid getting myself invovled in conflicts, but I just can't resist watching when they take place so close to my home."

Xafrek sighed, "Kaless, if you had more of a backbone and put Seraph in his place, as it is your job to do so, I wouldn't have to get involved."

"Me?!" the newcomer was appalled. "Just because Seraph trespasses in my water doesn't mean I have to do anything about it. Hmphf." And with that he disappears. The orange female gave you a wan smile from the other side, realizing that it would be hopeless to get Kaless to do anything about the mischief maker.

You thank Xafrek one last time, and turn to explore this part of the caverns.

Name: Sassafrass
Gender: Female
Mate: Kanul
Offspring: Evrill
September 2004

Name: Seraph
Gender: Male
Species: Whorling
September 2004

Name: Xafrek
Gender: Female
Species: Whorling
September 2004

Name: Kaless
Gender: Mmale
Species: Whorling
October 2004


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