The Caves


"You look confused."

You turn to see a huge white female dragon concerned about your well-being. She had to almost bend double to see you properly. Her mane was an incredibly soft pink and you had an almost irresistable urge to clamber onto her back and snuggle into the softness to take a nap. As her gaze of concern intensified, you realized she was worried about your lack of response. You explain about the ones you had missed.

"Ah, I'm sure you'll meet up with them again. Though the Mountain is vast, most passages cross each other at some point. Random wanderings always bring dragons...and humans, back together again. My name is Mythra."

"Is she giving you that 'Our souls will meet again in a better place' nonsense again?"

You turn to see a green and orange male with attitude.

"Hey, there! I'm Jessen, and don't let Mythra drag you into one of her philosophical monologues, you'll leave confused rather than enlightened, and you'll find that you'll have aged a few years in the process."

Mythra looked definitely miffed. "Aw, c'mon. You know I'm just trying to space this poor travelling soul. You know I still love you, but not everyone knows when to tune out." He nuzzles under her chin.

Weird pair, though seeing that Jessen was a Silshar, you knew they weren't mates. You wondered why she stayed put up with him, especially after the admission he doesn't listen to her. But then maybe he was the one who was making the sacrifice here, maybe no one else can stand to hear her talk that much.

As it wasn't your place to interfere, you go off, leaving Jessen to earn his best friend's forgiveness, one way or another.

Name: Mythra
Gender: Female
Mate: None
November 2004

Name: Jessen
Gender: Male
Species: Silshar
Offspring: Amera
November 2004


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