The Caves


You stumble into another cavern...literally. You see, there was this stone in the entrance way that you didn't notice, and since your foot didn't notice it either until it bashed right into it, you kind of ended up falling flat on your face. This attracted the attention of the fox-like draconic in the room.

He came forward haltingly, obviously still young. You couldn't help but notice his resemblance to a fox. You managed to get up, your body only slightly bruised, your ego badly damaged. You tell the creature you don't wish to harm it.

"I was just afraid you might fall on me..." he said, now grinning. "I am Cervet, a Tsume."

But you felt another presence, a larger one. Looking up you see the source of it. Probably another Tsume, only this one a brilliant flaming yellow.

"That is Halah, her element is Solar. Mine is Forest. At at the far end, you should be able to see Navish, he is Fire." At the sound of his name the black, flame-winged Tsume took to the air.

He circled above you, but under Halah who hovered near the ceiling. At first you felt that he was just looking you over, but if that was the case, then he came to the conclusion that he didn't like you much. Diving down he extended his claws and tried to tear you apart. You manage to duck out of the way.

Noting that neither Cervet nor Halah seemed interested in helping you out, you dash out of a small opening in the cavern wall. Cervet might have fit with a tight squeeze, but Navish would not be able to get his great wings through.

Name: Navish
Element: Fire
Sex: Male
ID: t96m
March 2005

Name: Halah
Element: Solar
Sex: Female
ID: t79f
March 2005

Name: Cervet
Element: Forest
Sex: Male
ID: t148m
March 2005


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