The Caves


You take a moment to sigh a breath of relief. That was close. You weren't sure if the fire element had wanted you for dinner, or simply dead. Either way, you were sure you wouldn't have liked it.

The black Tsume hissed, "What have we got here...?"

She slithered around you, her black wings neatly folded at her sides. The way she looked at you chilled you to the bone. She was hunting you, but at the same time playing with you, the way a cat will play with a mouse before it finally kills it. You look back the way you came but you could still make out Navish's fiery wings through the hole. He probably knew what was on the other side and figured you come running right back.

Problem was, if you couldn't go back, where could you go?

You weren't forced to come up with a solution. A blast of cold and a low growl sent the black Tsume flying away. In her place stood a blue male.

"Are you unharmed?" You nod, thanking least you hoped he was helping you and not helping himself to dinner. He nods back. "I am Fiirdan, Frost element. Xawe is Dark, and she cares not for humans who stumble onto her." He bends down to look through the hole. "I see you've also managed to get on the bad side of Navish. You do manage to keep yourself busy, do you not?"

"Well, you cannot go back that way, and there is only one other way out of this chamber." Realizing what that meant, you looked up and sure enough, saw Xawe up near the ceiling. She glared back at you, but did not attempt to do anything while Fiirdan was around.

He leads you to a pool of water on the other side. You could see that one could swim through an opening under the water. "I will ask Cyrill to take you. You will not be able to swim fast enough to make it to the other side without drowning otherwise."

Didn't sound too reasuring. You look into the pool and see several glowing lights coming up to the surface. They belonged to the deep blue female Tsume.

They conversed in a language you could not understand, but in the end, though she obviously was reluctant to do so, Cyrill agreed to take you. You cling to her smooth, slippery back, took a deep breath, and she dragged you down under the water.

Name: Fiirdan
Element: Frost
Sex: Male
ID: t40m
March 2005

Name: Zawe
Element: Dark
Sex: Female
ID: t67f
March 2005

Name: Cyrill
Element: Ocean
Sex: Female
ID: t165f
Notes: Glowy-bits!
March 2005


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