Clan of Flair's Passion

Flair cantered up, mane and tail flowing in the wind, wings fluttering upon his ankles. He skidded to a stop before you, tossing his head and snorting.

"You wish to meet with my clan?" he asks defensively. Here was a stallion that would protect his mares with all the passion in his heart. And Flair was known for his passion.

He eyes you carefully, prancing with pent up energy that never seemed to fail him. Even in sleep he seemed ready to burst into motion. Finally he paused long enough to nod. "You would not be here if you could not be trusted. They are there, in the clearing." And with that he cantered off to wherever he had been going in the first place.


Name - IDGenderParentageRequires
Flair - 044StallionWildNo
Solem - 041MareWildNo
Shore - 032MareWildNo
Pebble - 093MareWildNo
Lunar - 224Mare033 x 028Yes

Name - IDGenderParentage
Exuberance - 175MareSolemn
Rivulet - 207MareShore
Comet - 296MareLunar
Starfire - 316MareLunar
Rosebud - 324MareLunar

The Mesenherm