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Enjoying the warmth of the afternoon, you continue along the beach, letting the sand squish through your toes, soft and warm. Hearing the sounds off hoofbeats you look up to see a pair of Drum Crystal stallions moving about in an agitated manner. Curious, you approach the pair to see what could have possibly disturbed the pair.

The large brown one spots you, and pinning his ears back he snorts in defiance. This was strange, most of the Crystals up till now had been quite friendly. His companion also took a wary stance, seeming to protect something at the fringe of the trees.

"What are you doing here human?" his voice rumbles.

You explain your travels along the beach and the many unicorns you'd met along the way. As you describe the other Crystals you met the pair began to relax visibly. Clearly the acceptance of the other Crystals satisfied their suspicions. The black one approached.

"My name is Titayn and my companion is Conniar. Forgive our greeting, Sha'to'kalla'nyght's filly had wandered off and we were all concerned for her safety. Seeing a human nearby just got us worried about worse things. But all is well, and R'Tani'Tri'Dol has been found.

Stepping aside he allowed you to see the black filly with the red mane and tail in the bushes. She peered up at you with curiosity. And that mane! So distinctive, you remembered her dam from a few days ago.

There was a rustle in the trees and everyone froze for a moment. But then a golden face appeared and all relaxed. The filly nickered softly and the stallion dropped his head to nuzzle her. "Been looking all over for you..." He then noticed the two stallions, and said something in their own language, perhaps thanking them for finding the foal. He then turned to you. "Greetings, I'm Tettese'sunia."

You ask if he was the sire but he shakes his head. "No, be we call care for the foals on Unicorn Island, even if it were not a Crystal foal we would have offered to help search."

You leave the three stallions looking after the filly and continue on your way down the beach. After some time passed you once again heard the sound of hoofbeats. Turning around to see who was coming up behind you, you see a Crystal mare galloping in your direction. You stare, shocked to see that it it was none other than R'Tani'tri'Dol all grown up! You had to wonder at how magic affects time in places like these.

Name: Titayn
ID: 1107
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Ciaran - 727 x Souhe - 991
Birth Band: Duin'Zezida
Band: Sumaa'Arullo
Offspring: Eisha
August 2010

Name: Conniar
ID: 1114
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Mezirine'tri'kalla'Peinocna - 989 x Abean'ananin - 1040
Birth Band: Duin'Zezida
Band: None
Offspring: None
September 2010

Name: R'Tani'tri'Dol [A Touch of Flame]
ID: 1118
Gender: Mare
Parents: Sha'to'kalla'nyght - 788 x Zythium'hiu'r'Zorie - 232
Birth Band: Zory'tri'Sha
Band: None
Note: Mane & tail mutation
Offspring: None
January 2014

Name: Tettese'sunia [Rising Sun]
ID: 1047
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Y^izz'zory - A x Kabiyoi - D
Birth Band: Y^zin'Ar's
Band: None
Offspring: None
January 2014

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