[Herald] The Unicorn Herd [Herald]


You leave the Rsuchu and come across an isolated part of the beach. It was quiet and peaceful here and you were filled with a sense of wellbeing. You settle down on a rock and watch the ocean for a while. After a while you realize you are not alone, a grey stallion stood nearby looking out towards the distant horizon.

He didn't seem to notice you, so intent he was at gazing out to sea. You didn't want to disturb him either. The mare that soon emerged from the forest to stand by the stallion's side didn't want to disturb him either. For a moment she looked at him, and then raised her head to the wind and watched the waves crash upon the shore.

It wasn't long before another stallion joined him. As he left the forest at the top of the beach, he didn't leave the forest behind. Tinged with green he move silently towards the pair by the water's edge, a pair of feathers tied to his mane danced in the wind. He dropped his head to draw great breaths of the ocean air and then stood beside the brown mare and stared towards the horizon.

Time seemed to freeze, and yet it seemed less than a heartbeat for the large stallion burst onto the beach, hooves thundering, tail streaming. In a wave of sand he slid to a halt nearby, rising high upon his hindlegs, forelegs kicking. The others turned their eyes upon him.

But for all the bluster of his arrival, he dropped back to the ground and walked calmly over to the other three. Soft greeting nickers were murmured and noses touched and breath scented. Then all four heads turned once more to look out upon the waves.

You stared with them, but saw nothing but a few clouds in the sky. You remained unnoticed till the sun began to set over the crystal waters and the wind settled down into a breeze for the night. Then, without a word spoken, the four unicorns turned from the watery expanse and wandered slowly back into the darkening forest and disappeared. The waves washed away all trace of their passing.

Name: Ea'Ztecky [Early Snow]
ID: 011
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Celi - B x Dayfi'melino - C
Birth Band: Y^zin'Ar's
Band: Tymena'Heilo
Offspring: None
June 2010

Name: Geniu'Ma [Gentle Heart]
ID: 093
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: Wild
Band: Tymena'Heilo
Offspring: None
June 2010

Name: Kado'Cayti [Magic Moonlight]
ID: 129
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Zzala'Sah - 115 x Se - 116
Birth Band: Nanri'Desta
Band: None
Offspring: None
June 2010

Name: Una'tri'kalla'Breeyz [Fate of the Wind]
ID: 228
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Wild
Birth Band: None
Band: Dalli'Cayba
Offspring: Parasecah'Chroi - 1195, Breeyz'tri'shaus(312)
July 2010

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