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You continue along the beach alone for some time. It was peaceful, with nothing but the rythmic crashing of the waves upon the shore and the sharp scent of the salty spray. You had grown so accustomed to being alone that you were surprised to see a blue unicorn mare walking out of the sea. You stop to stare at her.

She pauses upon the sand and stares back at you. Then carefully she looks behind her, then at her own body, then returns a quizzical look in your direction. "Do I look funny?" she asks, somewhat concerned.

This shakes you out of your rude stare and you immediately apologize. But she had stepped out of the ocean like some mystical sea creature. Then you felt silly, she was a mystical creature after all. Amazing how you'd grown used to being around unicorns that they now seem normal!

She smiles, "It's alright. My name is Ocean's Forbidden Depths. I am a Rsuchu Unicorn, though most people just refer to us as Runis."

There was a splashing sound and you look to see a spectacular stallion leaping through the waves, sparkles of water glistening in the sun...

Ocean just smiled demurely, not looking behind her. "That is my colt, Tsunami's Surging Sea. He's an unstoppable force of nature, fully of energy and love of life."

A soft snarling sound came from behind. You turn to see some kind of predatory creature by the trees. It had huge saber fangs, and long sharp claws. It looked like some kind of mix between a jaguar and a dragon, and you slowly stepped back towards the mare.

"Yes, she is," the mare replied. You hadn't realized you'd spoken your thoughts aloud. "But she won't hurt you, she is a familiar, a Draguar, and her name is Ka'ana'ka." She made a kind of purring sound when she heard her name and came over, bumping your hand with her head. It was strange, like having a big scary lion as your best friend.

Name: Ocean's Forbidden Depths
ID: ru3fn
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Ring: NA
Offspring: Tsunami's Surging Sea
April 11, 2009

Name: Tsunami's Surging Sea
ID: ru15mn
Gender: Stallion
Parents: ru3fn x "phantom"
Ring: NA
Note: Partial back fin
Offspring: None
May 8, 2009

Name: Ka'ana'ka
ID: fam_drag1
Gender: Female
Parents: Wild
Species: Draguar
May 8, 2009

Rsuchu Unicorns

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