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A dark mare trotted swiftly out of the fog. She herself seemed to be made of the stuff, till her blue hooves came into sight, flashing like glimpses of the sky through the clouds. She came over to you and smiled.

"Hello traveller, I am Nanrise'sepearna." Her lovely blue eyes gazed upon you gently, and the soft ocean breeze made the feather tied to her foreleg flutter. "I see that you have already travelled far about our Island."

You agree that you had, and you asked her how big it was, as you've yet to make the full circle.

"It is as big as it needs to be."

Now that was an answer worthy of a unicorn!

You continue on through through the mist until you nearly walk into a stallion gazing up into the sky. You were confused, the fog was so thick you couldn't even see the unicorn until you were nearly on top of him, how could he see the sky? The only sense you had of still being on the island was the sound of the sea crashing upon the shore.

He drops his head and glances back at you through his thick forelock. "I have been waiting for you. My name is Yuis'tri'Dolna". You were startled by that statement and stated that much.

"Have you not met my mother?" he replied.

You mention that you didn't know how his mother was. When he replied "Geniu'ma" the name trigger a memory of a white mare with a yellow mane nuzzling her white and pink foal. But that foal was a filly, not a stallion.

As if he'd read your mind, he added, "Yes, my sister Ma's'chena." He turned back to the fog and looked up. "My name means Dawn of Fire."

You weren't sure where this convesation was going but as you looked up through the mist you could see a spot brightening right over the pair of you. As you continued to stare you realized it was the sun burning off the fog. As the mist receeded you looked about for the stallion but he was gone.

Name: Nanrise'sepearna [Fleeting Moments]
ID: 1055
Gender: Mare
Parents: Tricat'Crawli - 659 x Zanata'breeyz - 1050
Birth Band: Yixan'Zazu'la
Band: Naasna'bazzia
Offspring: Ayr'Ishlan
November 2007

Name: Yuis'tri'Dolna [Dawn of Flames]
ID: 1076
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Geniu'ma - 529 x Latinyin'tri'kalla'spirallna - 1000
Birth Band: Spirall'Pieran
Band: None
Offspring: None
Notes: Lion-tail mutation
May 2010

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