The Magical Herd

The Valley


As Firecracker brought you towards the grassy area on the outskirts of the forest, he described the next creature you would meet.

~Melcey's are the most ancient and most prolific of the Faidan creatures. i consider them to be very friendly, but extremely silly things. They are each associated with an element which in turn is associated with a deity. It defines their skills and often their personalities. I'm bringing you to meet Piter's Pack of the Shadowed Dune. Piter is a darkness melcey, he's a little....unpleasant, he enjoys playing with people's minds, so don't believe everything he says.~

You hear a slightly sinister chuckle. "And you would take a horse's word over mine?"

Sarcasm was an understatement. You could see why Firecracker didn't care for this melcey very much, even though he was kind of cute and cuddly.

That thought changed quickly as you looked at you with a rather cruel eye. You knew he wouldn't hurt you physically, but he wasn't exactly someone you'd want hand around either.

"I suppose you'd like to meet the others?" he asks and Firecracker nods. "They're over here, you can already see Kailea preening herself in by the stream."

She looked up as you arrived. "A human!" she grinned and hopped over. "Where ever did you find a human Piter?" He snorted in reply.

~Kailea is a sound melcey. She has excellent hearing and loves music.~

"Indeed," she replies happily, "Do you play?"

You don't have time to reply as two more melceys come over. These two are more sedate than the bouncy Kailea. ~The brown male is Usul, an earth melcey. Lucinda is water and the pack healer.~

Lucinda nods, "Greetings traveller. You must be weary, would you like to rest here? You can drink from the stream and we have some fruits that we've gathered from the forest to share." You answer that this would be very welcome and you settle down in the soft grasses in the shade of a large tree whose species must exist only in this Realm.

"Don't forget MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!"

"That is Hwi, our resident sky melcey."

You weren't sure who said that for Hwi was all over you, sniffing, licking, giggling and just being silly. Eventually the others manage to get her off of you, though Kailea complained that she got all dirty in the process and returned to the stream to clean herself off. Piter just sat a ways off and smirked at the scene unfolding before him. Lucinda gave Hwi a little speech as to how to treat guests and Usul apologized for the smaller pup's behaviour. Quite an interesting little group Piter managed to bring together, and you noted that though they were all of different elements and personalities, they all got along quite well.

Hwi, somewhat more under control, returned to you and started asking you a million questions about where you were from. You were aware that the others seemed very interested, even Piter who pretended that the bug crawling through the grass by his nose was of a greater fascination factor.

It seemed you would be here a while, so you settled back with the tasty fruits the melcey's had provided and began to answer the flood of questions.

Suddenly, all the Melcey's stopped their chatter and looked to your right. Turning slightly, you see a form approaching from the distance. Eventually he came close enough for you to be able tell that it was another Melcey male with impressivly long ears and legs.

The others gathered around him, eagerly explaining who you were and telling him all the stuff you told them...only kind of mixed up. It wasn't surprising that the male soon looked extremely confused. Finally he grinned exasperated and waved a paw at you. "I'm Thufir, a life Melcey".

Name: Piter
ID: 489
Gender: Male
Theme: Darkness
Parentage: Keenath X Kell
Pack: Shadowed Dune
September 2001
Name: Usul
ID: 415
Gender: Male
Theme: Earth
Parentage: SnowSilver X Twilight Algae
Pack: Shadowed Dune
November 2000
Name: Kailea
ID: 812
Gender: Female
Theme: Sound
Parentage: Clairby X Lecrezia
Pack: Shadowed Dune
March 2002
Name: Lucinda
ID: 460
Gender: Female
Theme: Water
Parentage: Leone X Esther
Pack: Shadowed Dune
December 2000
Name: Hwi
ID: 328
Gender: Female
Theme: Sky
Parentage: [Harvest Moon Litter]
Pack: Shadowed Dune
October 2000
Name: Thufir
ID: 1359
Gender: Male
Theme: Life
Parentage: Wild
Pack: Shadowed Dune
October 2005
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