The Magical Herd

The Valley


After leaving the shelter of the trees you find youself right next to the cliff walls. You stare up vertical rock, barely able to see the top from this vantage point. Though it was particularly steep and rocky, it didn't seem to bother the form hopping from one ledge to another on the way down to greet you. It seemed to have some sheep/goat characteristics, but of course you didn't for a moment assume it was that simple.

The creature skittered to a stop on her bottom right in front of you. A shower of pebbles followed. She got up and shook herself off. "Hello, I'm a Lorriam and my name is Chani. I don't think I've ever seen you around here before."

You reply that that would be expected as you have not visited this place before. She smiled at that. "Then you should meet Patrin. Follow me."

You look up at the rock and shake your head, there was no way either you or Firecracker were going to be able to scale that wall. She giggles, "No silly, this way."

You follow Chani along a path between the trees and the cliff till she leads you to a lorriam buck grazing some of the rough brush growing at the base of the wall.

He snapped to attention as you arrived. Lorriams were militaristic? But then Chani explained, "Don't let his strange ways bother you. He's very prim and proper." She shrugs, "That's just the way he is."

He bows his head sharply as you approach, but says nothing. You could tell he was sizing you up, and it seemed like you weren't getting too many high scores. He stands at ease when he is finished. Obviously he considered you as someone without much rank. Oh well, you had seen enough strange personalities not to let his cool demeanor ruin your pleasure at meeting the Lorriams, especially the friendly Chani.

Patrin wanders off as you and Chani chat about various things. After some time had past, probably more than you had realized, another Lorriam appeared. Chani called her over to introduce you.

"This is our daughter, Bellonda", Chani said as the young Lorriam pranced over. She must have inherited her energy from her mother. She was very playfull and kept nipping at your sleeve, trying to get you to play too.

Finally they too had to leave. ~Come,~ Firecracker said. ~There are many others still to see.~

Name: Chani
ID: L58f
Gender: Doe
Parents: Hawlef x Komce
Ears: E, e*
Tail: T*, T
Horns: h*, h*
Forefeet: F, f
Hindfeet: u, u*
Nose Horn: N, n*
Beard: B, b
Coloring: c*, c*
Name: Patrin
ID: L61m
Gender: Buck
Parents: Wild
Ears: E*, e
Tail: T, T
Horns: h*, h*
Forefeet: F, F
Hindfeet: U, U
Nose Horn: N, N
Beard: b*, b*
Color: c*, c*
Name: Bellonda
ID: l130f
Gender: Doe
Parents: Patrin x Chani
September 2007
Faidal'lem Caris