You stand and wait for the pack representative to show him or herself. And wait, and wait, and wait. When he had decided you were annoyed enough, the darkness melcey slipped out of the shadows to greet you.

He grins at you in a slightly malicious way. Though he probably wouldn't hurt you, he seemed...twisted somehow, perhaps a little nasty. You decided it was best to be on your guard and not to trust him any more than you have to.

"Welcome traveller," he spoke with a quiet, slippery voice. "I see you wish to meet with the Pack of the Shadowed Dune."

He paced back and forth in front of you, feigning deep thought. "Now what would make you worthy of this great and wonderful honour?" Obviously you weren't going to be able to find a reply that he wasn't going to just laugh off. So you said nothing. He sighs, "Ah, you're no fun. I can't play with you mind if you won't give me something to work with. Well, seeming as you are less than the brightest of the bunch, I don't see you as being smart enough to be a danger to any of us.

"So yes, you may meet the others. I am Piter, a darkness melcey. You will note that each melcey in this pack is a different element. I am very selective as to who I allow into my pack. Most will get a most nasty bite if they bug me too much." He sits down, and yawns. Seems like you were to go on you own.

"We do not yet have any pups, but we have created a safe place for them here." This time he follows you closely, not wanting you to disturb anything.

"And if had happened to have been interested, I'm sorry, but I'm not allowing any outsiders to join this pack." He sneered these words in the most unpleasant way. "I carefully select those I wish to have join my pack. I suppose you could try and ask nicely, but don't get all sniffly and whimpery if I say no. I really hate that. And don't even bother if your melcey's element is already represented here."

Created: December 2002
Last Updated: October 2005