Of a somewhat twisted and nasty nature, one may be surprised to find that he is not only tolerated but loved by the other pack members. Though he has a superiority complex and dislikes those he has not given his personal stamp of approval, he cares deeply for those he likes and will protect them with his life.

Element - Darkness
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A melcey much easier to get along with than Piter. Serious and straighforward, brave and practical. Though Piter is the official leader of the pack, he often is too involved in his own thoughts for the day-to-day running of things, so Usul takes over command.

Element - Earth
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A pretty laid-back guy. Hwi loves to pester him with all kinds of questions and desires to chase butterflies together. Generally he humours her, taking everything in stride with what appears to be infinite patience.

Element - Life
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A fun loving, somewhat flighty female. She loves to run and play and considers Usul and Lucinda to be big bores. In her mind life is all about butterflies, flowers and sleeping in the sun.

Element - Air
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Could be considered the female version of Usul. She keeps track of the history and future of the pack, making sure the pups learn the things they need to learn and making sure the adults do what their supposed to do.

Element - Water
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A rather vain female, she loves to play so long as she doesn't have to get dirty doing it. The others can sometimes get frustrated with her prima donna airs, but there isn't a mucky enough mud to stop her from protecting her pack members.

Element - Sound
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