The Magical Herd

The Valley


~There are more melceys here, ~ Firecracker says to you as he continues to carry you through the grasses near the forest. After a while you dismount to give your bottom a rest and to stand beneath the shade of a tree. The moment your feet touch the ground you hear a snuffling sound and discover a melcey quite intent on your shoes!

"Oh, hello!" he says surprised looking up. "I thought something smelt funny here. My name's Fizzar, a fire melcey." Your feet smell funny? Maybe you'd been sweating more than you'd thought. Fizzar then makes a kind of chirrup, sort of a mix between a yip and a meow and suddenly a second melcey come tumblind down from the tree above. You had to catch the giggling, wiggling bundle in your arms.

Between giggles he manages to gasp out, "HiHiHi, I'm Teg, and earth melcey. And you're a human! Cool!"

And so this was how you found yourself with a squirming fluffball in your arms and a second one pattering around your legs. You were forced to stand completely still or else risk tripping over Fizzar. After a bit you began to wonder how he managed to circle so quickly and yet walk so slowly, sniffing from your knees to the ground. It was another melcey, a darkness female.

She winks up at you as you figure it out. "You thought I was Fizzar, didn't you?" She was as different from Piter as night is from day, though they were of the same theme and their colourings were similar.

"One more, one more!" Teg cries out in your ear. "There's one more!"


And sure enough, there came a fourth melcey. This one had very long ears, and you were surprised that he didn't trip over them as he ran towards you. "Hello, my name is Clairby, a life melcey." Esmerelda and Fizzar immediately gather around him, so Teg explains. "He's their pup! He spends a lot of time with the pack he joined so they're always happy when he comes back for a visit."

Teg giggles loudly, a high pitched sound which almost leaves you deaf. "And don't forget Darwi, she's very pretty."


And pretty she was. Darwi had not one, but two sets of wings which permitted her to glide about like an autumn leaf, to flit like a summer butterfly, or dance through the air like a winter snowflake. Teg then explains, "Usually those from the Halloween litter are mutated, deformed, twisted and scary. But Darwi was special, she was the most beautiful of them all, and of all others too!"

Darwi blushed shyly at Teg's flattery. "Oh, I'm not *that* pretty."

Teg piped several times in return, "You are! You are! The prettiestfull!" This only made Darwi blush more.

Then louder than your ear could stand, Teg almost squeaks "Play with us!" The other melceys gathered eager around to play too. Firecracker shook his head, mutter "silly" and went to find a nice place for a nap. It was hard to choose a game at first. You couldn't play tag for they were designed to run and far too quick for you. Hide-and-seek got boring quickly since they could smell you out and they were excellent at making themselves invisible. In the end you all decided on a kind of ball game with an apple like fruit with a tough exterior that could withstand being thrown about.

Name: Fizzar
ID: ???
Gender: Male
Theme: Fire
Parentage: Emestek x Sureana
Pack: None
July 2000
Name: Teg
ID: 515
Gender: Male
Theme: Earth
Parentage: Wild - New Year's
Pack: None
January 2001
Name: Esmerelda
ID: 158
Gender: Female
Theme: Darkness
Parentage: Phollow x Varid
Pack: Chaotic Moon
August 2000
Name: Clairby
ID: 279
Gender: Male
Theme: Life
Parentage: Esmerelda X Fizzar
Pack: Twilight's Melody
September 2000
Name: Darwi
ID: 1174
Gender: Female
Theme: Sky
Parentage: Halloween Litter
Pack: None
January 2003
Faidal'lem Caris