The Magical Herd

The Valley


You were soon very hot from running in the scorching midday sun and woke Firecracker to take you to the river you had seen when you first came to the valley. The stream here was far too shallow to cool off in. You bid a fond farewell to the melceys and mount the white stallion.

The river was a cool and as wonderful as you imagined it would be. You allowed yourself to float along with the current, Firecracker walking along the edge nibbling at sweet grasses as he went. You felt you could stay like this forever, just floating along letting the sunlight warm your face and the water cool your back. The breeze brought the scent of flowers never known in the world you were from. Even the clouds seemed different here, fluffier maybe. One even kind of looked like a melcey...

That's when you felt something against you leg. Frightened that it might have teeth too, you swim for the river's edge, but you realize that the current was much stronger here, and you were making little headway. Firecracker sees your distress and begins to come into the water to rescue you.

Then you felt yourself lifted up out of the water on the back of some kind of creature. You see Firecracker smile and you know things will be alright.

~That is Turen, a Carwinar. He's very shy, but he couldn't let you be swept away. There is a waterfall up ahead around that curve, though we're still to far away to hear it.~

Climbing up to your guide, you turn to see the creature that had saved you from an unpleasant adventure.

And then with a flick of his tail he vanished up the river, swimming swiftly even against the flow. You call out a thank you but you weren't sure if he had heard or not.

Firecracker then surprises you with what he says next. ~Would you like to explore on you own for a while?~ Considering the last time he left you alone you nearly drowned. But truth was, you really did want to explore a bit by yourself. You nod, and Firecracker leaves you standing by the river drying in the warmth of the sun.

Name: Turen
ID: r3m
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
December 2002
Faidal'lem Caris