The Magical Herd

The Valley


Firecracker had left you alone to explore the valley as you wished. You clambered over rocks, hopped across streams and slipped under logs which lay across your path as you worked your way through the valley. Suddenly, you come upon a large door in the cliff face. You stare at it a moment as the wooden door look so out of place stuck there in the middle of a large rock. And it was *very* tempting.

Finally temptation took over and you pulled the handle. Suddenly you were drowned in a wave of warm, colourful, talkative creatures.

As you waded through the chibi melceys and the three beanie toys whose origins you were unsure of, you nearly tripped over some sort of half animal, half person crawling amongst the hyperactive animals trying to make some order out of chaos, and not succeeding in the least.

He looks up. "Oh, hello. I guess you opened the door. I am thankful, it was getting rather cramped in there. My name his Tillin." He spoke in a very subservient manner. You asked him to tell you more about himself, he seemed sincerely suprised that you would even care to ask.

"I am known as a halfling." At this he seems very ashamed and he continues in a sad, quiet tone. "You see, most Faidans can shape-shift between animal and human form. I was trying to take my melcey form when I got stuck this way. I don't know why I can't do it, I just can't......"


You look up to see another, much taller halfling.

"The Faidans think halflings are only being half a person. That's why we got stuck with this stupid job of caring for bouncing chibis. In particular I'm stuck with these that SunBlind found at Easter." Those beanies pooled around the feet of the unhappy halfling.

The other one looks hurt. "Actually, I like playing with the chibis. They can be a lot of fun."

You look closer and realize that there's a few that looks like little horses. "That a chibi-chevei. We also have chibi-neccos, those are the little draconics. And not all of them come from Faidal'lem Caris, SunBlind brings all her chibis and beanies here."

After what feels like forever, you manage to work your way through the mass of creatures and find yourself finally able to breath. No longer did you have to watch where you stepped, no longer did chibis fall from the sky to land on your head (you still hadn't figured out how they did that). And then you noticed something amazing......

It was completely and exquisitely quiet.

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