The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


You were basking in the light of the sun, lying on a smooth rock that was warm on your back. Everything was just absolutely perfect. The air faintly scented by the nearby pine forests, and the flowers that grew in abundance around the springs. The sound of the water trickling and bubbling over the stones. The feathery feel of something tickling your nose....with a start you open your eyes to see a Sam mare looking at you.

"I thought you weyre dead," she said matter of factly.

You laugh, but you realize she hadn't meant it as a joke. Perhaps you had even detected the slightest amount of disappointment in her voice. You apologize for deceiving. She just shrugs. "You pyrobably want to know my name, they always do.

Not know what to say to that, you just nod. "I am Cyracks of Gyrowing Moss." She waited patiently and you wondered if she expected you to give some sort of intelligent response...but what can one say about a name other than, "That's a pretty name." Somehow you thought she'd see through that and instead told her your own. She shrugs again. "I didn't ask you foyr youyrs."

She moves away to nibble on some sweet stuff, prefering to ignore your presence. That was...awkward. You wondered if you should leave...but you were soooo comfortable right here.

You stretch up your arms over your head, and your fingers brush something very soft, small and warm. Looking you you see the smallest sam you'd encountered so far.

The pale blue mare stepped back uncertainly, looking over to where Cracks of Growing Moss was grazing on something. Finding no help there, she gazed back at you with large, frightened eyes.

You speak softly, trying to reassure her that you meant no harm. Finally she reached out to touch you with a tiny hoof. When you didn't eat her, she smiled back at you, "I am Pyrize of the Byright Lapis..." and scraped at the ground shyly. You noticed that GrowingMoss~Cracks was watching the events but feigning disinterest. You were glad someone was looking out for the little one.

Through the hot bubbling waters raced a mare. Spotting the other Sams she joins your group. Spotting you, she stops warily at a distance, but wasn't frightened since the others were not afraid. Prize of the Bright Lapis happily joins the larger mare. You couldn't help but notice that the newcomer's mane stood upright, deftly defying gravity. She also had no leg tufts, revealing how very thin Sam legs really were.

The mare appeared to be of the nervous type, constanly in motion. "Who is this?" she asked, and Cracks of Growing Moss explained who you were in a bored tone of voice. The newcomer continued to agitate. "Doesn't want to take us away?" The other two mares shake their heads. The mare suddenly froze, not the slightest hint of movement, just large eyes looking at you and her head crown with that wild mane.

"I am Pulsing of the Volcanic Shoyres." And then, as if she had just been stung by a bee, she raced wildly about the springs until she was out of sight. Prize of the Bright Lapis gazed smiling in the direction the other Sam took. You weren't sure that crazy mare made a particularly good role-model for the mini-sam, but the Cracks of Growing Moss' surly personality wasn't much of an improvement.

Name: Cracks of Growing Moss
ID: o010
Gender: Mare
Sire: Seeping of Tainted Waters
Dam: Burning of Night's Fires
Song: Song of the Cold Copper
Traits: None
March 2005

Name: Prize of the Bright Lapis
ID: o011
Gender: Mare
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Song: Song of the Storm's Eye
Traits: Mini
February 2006

Name: Pulsing of the Volcanic Shores
ID: o012
Gender: Mare
Sire: Pulsing of the Ocean Fury
Dam: Gleam of the Volcanic Moon
Birth Song: Broken Moment
Song: Song of the Resonant Echo
Traits: Upright Hair, Tuftless
February 2006

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings