The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


The springs gurgled happily before the stallion that seemed quite intent on watching the movements of the water. You settle down nearby and wait, perhaps he was some kind of seer or prophet, looking for the future of the Realm in the swirls and reflections of the warm liquid.

As time passed you repressed a desperate need to yawn. By the time he'd seen the future it will have come and gone. Then you see his muscles tense, and with a cry, he thrusts his forehooves into the water. He paused a moment, muttered something under his breath, and went back to watching. To curious to just sit by and wait, you go up to him and inquire as to his actions.

He seemed a little embarrased that you had been watching him. "Oh, its nothing really, just something I've been trying to do since I was a foal. See in the springs there, those sparkly things? I'm not sure if they're fish or bugs, but I've been wanting to catch one for a long time. But they're so FAST! I'll get one someday though," he grins.

You laugh with him and tell him what you had thought he was doing. Made him laugh even harder. "I wish I could see the future, then I wouldn't mess up so often. I'm a bit of a clutz you see, always tripping over my own hooves."

"My name is Sakaryseky'oyrnase, but you'll probably find Flaming Sands to have a more familiar sound to you."

You join the Amanyr in his attempts to catch the silvery things, but you suceeded in doing little more than get very wet, and very out of breath from all the laughing. Finally, totally soaked, you decide its time to move on and let the sun dry out off.

Name: Sakaryseky'oyrnase (Flaming Sands)
ID: am49
Type: Mixed
Gender: Stallion
Parents: Yskanan x Shaysese'sa'y'tornsa'arlitore
Soala: Winter Light
July 2003