The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


You wander along the hotsprings, careful not to slip on the wet, slick rocks. A rustling catches your attention. You look down, eager to see another samanayr, but all you see is a pair of cloven hooves, on very long legs.

The mare swishes her tail about. Actually, if you watched closely, you could see she was giving physical signals to you. A flick of an ear, and stamp of a hoof, her stance. Unfortunately you were not much of a horse whisperer, and even then, this was no ordinary horse.

~I am Shaysese'sa'y'tornsa'arlitore,~ the silent mare says in your mind. ~An Amanayr from The City of Shar. I see that you do not understand my language, therefore I will translate my name for you. It means Shades of the Desert Noon.~

You compliment her verbally on her name, hoping she could understand your words.

~Thank you human, you are one of the few to be so polite. I must admit I have not had good experiences with your people. They have often looked strangely at me for my mutation, my lack of feather tufts upon my forelegs, but I am glad that you do not mind.~

You wisely decide not to point out that up until then, you hadn't known it was a mutation at all.

She takes a drink from the nearby stream, and without a word, wanders back into the lightly forested area by the springs. So much for politness, not even a goodbye, unless of course that swish of a tail meant goodbye.....oh well.

Name: Shaysese'sa'y'tornsa'arlitore (Shades of the Desert Noon)
Gender: Mare
Parents: Wild
Soala: Lunar Moon
Offspring: Sakaryseky'oyrnase

December 2000