The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


You don't get very far when something skitters by your feet and stops in front of you. Something small and white. Bending down to one knee you take a closer look. With a trilling cry, Rubies of the Purest Ivory appeared again and stood on guard next to the female Samanayr.

The little one look a lot like...her father! She lowers her head in imitation of his tough looking attitude. She glared at you from around her father, then made a series of whistling sounds. A few chirps from her father and you saw her eyes open wide.

"You ayre human!" she exclaims. "I haven't seen many humans before. My name is Mark of the Fire Opal, but you may call me FireOpal~Mark." she says as she shakes out her mane.

"She is daughter of Clouds of the Fieyry Sunset, a mayre in my Song," adds PurestIvory~Rubies.

"I am honouyred to meet you," she bows gracefully.

As you leave, you notice that the portal to the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings, where the Samanayr originated, seemed to follow you around as you explored the hotsprings here.

Name: Mark of the Fire Opal
Gender: Female
Sire: Rubies of the Purest Ivory
Dam: Clouds of the Fiery Sunset
Song: Song of the Blood Shadow

November 2000