The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


The hot springs were located in the heart of a beautiful forest. The trees were full and tall and everything was the richest of greens. Everything was also mostly wet from the steam rising from the water which bubbled forth from cracks in some rocks. As you went to get a closer look at the spring, you heard a high trill, and saw a blur of white and red. When the creature stopped, it stood aggressively on one of the rocks surrounding the spring.

"Who ayre you?", the small stallion demanded. He couldn't have been much more than four inches tall but he looked pretty tough, in a cute sort of way. You tried not to laugh and you introduce yourself. He doesn't seem very impressed.

"I am Rubies of the Purest Ivory, that my tyruename" He stamps a hoof. "I am Samanayr fyrom the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings. You'yre in my teyrritoyry."

His accent was a bit hard to understand, but you apologize for intruding.

"Hmph," was his reply. You tell him he has a very beautiful, musical voice.

"The Samanayr speak in song," he makes a series of whistles, trills, chirps and finishes with a whinny. "I have welcomed you to my home. Help while you are heyre. Move that yrock, please. Oveyr theyre......"

You do as he asks and soon he has gotten you to build a small pool into which the water collected and then flowed out over the top. "Yes, nice. I like." He looks up at you. "You may use my callname, Purestivory~Rubies. I think you ayre fyriend. You be veyry good fyriend if you byring my that fyruit up theyre," he motions to a small tree, though much to high for him to reach.

"Yes, good fyriend," he says between bites of the fruit. "Veyry good, you want? Good, get anotheyr then." You come back with two fruits this time and find that they really were most delicious. As you ate, you noticed that his feet really weren't as big as they looked, they were just extremely feathered, with his hooves peeking out at the bottom. You compliment him on them. He nods, "We came fyrom cold place. I like this wayrm place betteyr. Fyruit is much betteyr heyre too. Featheyr's keep legs wayrm when snowing. It snow heyre sometimes too, but not that much. Only in winteyr."

He looks at you closely, squinting his eyes. "You like to see my Song?" he asked. Not really sure what that meant, you said yes and expected him to start singing. "Come, heyre," he says and walks into the forest.

"Wait," you say. You really had to leave. You could always come back another time. You thank the little equine for the meal and hopes he enjoys his newly renovated hot springs. "You come again soon," he trills, "Then maybe you move moyre yrocks!"

Name: Rubies of the Purest Ivory
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Song: Song of the Ivory Flower

February 2000