"Welcome to Song of the Ivoyry Floweyr," says the little stallion in greeting. He flicks his bushy tail. He seemed a bit curt and abrupt - maybe it was just his english.

"Song?" you ask.

He seems to glare at you a moment. "Yes, my Song, Song of the Ivoyry Floweyr."

"I don't hear anything," you reply.

He sighs. "You ayre fyrom otheyr place, yes? Song is like heyrd. Not of hoyrses, but of Samanayrs. I am stallion of this Song. My name is Rubies of the Puyrest Ivoyry. Song was cyreated when I find Floweyr of the Roan Soil. Dance of Fuyrious Oceans join too. You can meet them and any otheyrs if you follow path."

"If Song has little ones, you can see them down otheyr path," he points with a hoof.

"We still looking for more membeyrs. You know nice and pyretty mayre? You ask if she want to come, yes? She can join theyre." Once again he points with his hoof. Then he whispers to you, "She be yreally pyretty, yes?" he chuckles.

Created: March 2000
Last Updated: November 2002



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