The Stallions
Rubies of the Purest Ivory
A small stallion who tries his best to seem bigger and tougher than he really is. His English is not very good and he sounds a bit gruff, but he can be a real sweetie.
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The Mares
Flower of the Roan Soil
Roan is conservative, only friendly and open with the very few she trusts. But if you gain her trust, she is a true friend. She is a good secret keeper, and she loves to watch the sunset with the ones she loves.
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Dance of the Furious Oceans
A cheerful mare that wishes nothing more than to be in a Song with a nice stallion. She's sweet, stays commited to tasks and creatures, and stops at nothing to achieve the goals she has set.
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Clouds of the Firery Sunset
A cheerful, friendly mare. She can be serious however if times ask for it, and stands by her true friends.
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Stripes of Deeper Waters
Stripes is shy and reserved until some one threatens her little friend Winterroses~Seeker.She loves playing games and meeting new friends..
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Created: March 2000
Last Updated: November 2000


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