Song of the Blood Shadow
ID: 004 Status: Closed
A Song for those that like to lurk in the shadows...
- Lead Stallion -

Unfurling of the Blooded Shadow
Owned by SunBlind
- Lead Mare -

Mark of the Fire Opal
Owned by SunBlind

- Mares -

Pine of the Shrouded Woods
Owned by SunBlind
Dune of the Sunswept Desert
Owned by SunBlind

Mist of the Wandering River
Owned by Kaetz

- Offspring -

Seeping of Tainted Waters
Owned by SunBlind
Glare of Volcanic Plumes
Owned by Luminaire

Pools of Seething Magma
Owned by AmethystCat
Sanguinity in Lurid Afterglow
Owned by Kaetz

Keeper of the Blood Stone
Owned by Lexington

City of Shar


Created: July 2002
Last Updated: June 2013