The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


You leave the Song of the Blood Shadow and wander a ways around the spring. It might have been a beautiful day but the stallion you come across didn't look like he was enjoying it much. Based on the odd way he was sitting it was exactly the opposite.

He barely took notice of you as you came closer to sit on a rock nearby. He seemed quite focused on the pool of water in front of him.

"What do you want?"

You mutter something about nothing and get up to leave, it seemed like he wanted to be alone.

"I am Seeping of Tainted Wateyrs, my siyre is Unfuyrling of the Blooded Shadow, my dam, Pine of the Shyrouded Woods. You came from oveyr theyre, I take it you met them?"

You nod, wondering if there was some bad blood between the family members.

"Ah." He said, and resumed looking at the water. You realized that it wasn't so much that he was in a bad mood, but rather he was a quiet, contemplative type. Very different from his father. Though you didn't doubt that if he had a Song of his own he would defend it just as well as either of the other two stallions you met.

It seemed as if he didn't have anything else to say to you. You sit a bit longer in thoughtful silence, the sounds of the nearby springs adding to the meditative atmosphere of the pool. After a while you found that you could even feel the warmth of the springs from here, actually it was warming your bottom to the point where it was getting downright uncomfortable. Hopping up from your rock you glance back down at it.

You nearly jump backwards into the pool with a start. It was a tiny black mare with a flaming mane and tail! No wonder things were feeling rather warm. And it seemed that just as Seeping of Tainted Waters was taking little interest in you, this little mare was going to chase you away in his place.

A few musical trills and whistles from the stallion seemed to calm the mare. He then returned to staring into the pool. She narrowed her eyes and studied you. You couldn't think of anything more intelligent to say than to apologize for sitting on her rock and that her mane was very pretty.

"That is not my yrock," she said matter-of-factly, then mellowed slightly. "I am a payrtial elemental fyrom my dam." Obviously she took great pride in her inheritance. "My name is Buyrning of Night's Fiyres but you may use my callname Nightsfiyres~Buyrning." Yes, you had definitely found the way to her heart, fiery flattery.

Another tiny black mare approaches cautiously. She tosses her head side-to-side and moves hesitantly, as if ready to flee at any moment. After a while she says, "I am Chill of the Winteyr Twilight." She flicked her tail and scraped at the ground with a forehoof nervously.

Nightsfires~Burning came to stand between you and the other mare protectively. Ignoring the two black mares, a brightly coloured one approaches.

"I am Shading of the Volcanic Sunset. Please foyrgive the otheyrs, they ayre not veyry fyriendly. Then again, that has kept us safe. I like being fyriendly to tyravelleyrs who come ouyr way, but once, one of those tyravelleyrs was a bad human and tyried to take me away with him. I bayreyrly escaped! But I know that you ayre good because SunBlind allows you to stay heyre. That otheyr tyravlleyr soon leayrnt not to make SunBlind angyry."

Nightsfires~Burning continued to keep a close watch on you, regardless of whether or not you had the Realm Keeper's blessings to be here. At the same time, Taintedwaters~Seeping continued to ignore you and stare into the pool. Knowing that you had overstayed your welcome, you wander off.

Name: Seeping of Tainted Waters
Gender: Stallion
Sire: Unfurling of the Blooded Shadow
Dam: Pine of the Shrouded Woods
Song: Song of the Burning Waters
Offspring: None
August 2002

Name: Burning of Night's Fires
Gender: Mare
Sire: Voice of the Snowy Moon
Dam: Burn
Song: Song of the Burning Waters
Offspring: None
Note: Partial fire elementation
January 2003

Name: Chill of the Winter Twilight
Gender: Mare
Sire: Cold of Artice Wind
Dam: Chilling of Dark Breezes
Song: Song of the Burning Waters
Offspring: None
October 2004

Name: Shading of the Volcanic Sunset
Gender: Mare
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Song: Song of the Burning Waters
Offspring: None
August 2005

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings