The tiny stallion stared morosely at the ground. He seemed not to be bothers by your presence, perhaps he wasn't even aware you were there. And then, without lifting his head, he spoke.

"You wish to meet my Song?"

"The Song of the Buyrning Wateyrs."

His voice was quiet, disinterested.

"The otheyrs ayre oveyr theyre. If they don't want to meet you, they will let you know." He seemed wholly unconcerned about them, perhaps he knew they could take care of themselves.

"But we have no foals yet, so don't botheyr going theyre." This was the first emotion you heard from him. It sounded more like relief.

"And if you know of any mayres who may wish to join, follow that path. It will explain how the other Song membeyrs can meet with heyr." The others? Considering he was the stallion of the herd, he didn't seem to care much about who joined and who didn't. Looking at the forlorn creature, you began to believe that maybe he really didn't care much at all.

Created: October 2004
Last Updated: August 2005



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