The Stallions
Seeping of the Tainted Waters
A morose, depressing creature generally uninterested in what's going on around him. But don't be fooled by his uncaring attitude. Though he apparently pays no attention to the rest of the world, he is keeping a very close eye on whats happening. He just knows that his mares, especially Burning of Night's Fires, can take care of themselves.
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The Mares
Burning of Night's Fires
As hot tempered as her flaming mane, she can be easily cooled down by flattery. She's the true leader of this Song, as the stallion can at times be less than useless in taking care of matters.
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Chill of the Winter Twilight
An extremely shy and nervous mare. Turns to Burning of Night's Fires to keep her safe. Otherwise she's happy and content with her place in the world.
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Shading of the Volcanic Sunset
Unlike the other members of the Song, this mare is very friendly around strangers. Though she once had a bad experience of a human attempting to steal her away, it still hadn't stopped her desire to make friends with all those she meets.
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Created: October 2004
Last Updated: August 2005


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