The Magical Herd

The Hot Springs


You wander off a ways, leaving the three Sams behind to find a quite place were you can enjoy the warmth of the springs and the quiet of the forest around you. You take off your clothes and ease yourself into one of the warm pools, leaning your head back against a rock with a sigh as you start to relax immediately.

After a bit, you feel something fluffy upon your nose. Cracking one eye open, you peer curiously at the little purple equine with wings and the big smile.

She giggled, said "Sleepy-head!" and landed lightly on your forehead. She weighed more than a butterfly, but not by much. She poked an head over one eyebrow to look you right in the eye. "You awake yet?"

Opening your other eye, you nod carefully, so as not to make her fall off your head. "Good," she replied, "My name is Dyrift of Delicate Twilight, what's yours?"

You introduce yourself in turn and satisfied with your name and business, she flutter off to land nearby and nibble on some flowers growing by the edge of the spring. Apparently she was as flighty as a butterfly too. Must have something to do with her beautiful wings.

The something caught your eye, underneath the large flower the little mare had alighted upon. It was something soft and fuzzy, and pink!

It was another Samanayr mare! And she was so cute and cuddly!! It took a lot of self-restraint not to just gather her up in your hands and hold her close. But you weren't sure what another sentient being would think of such treatment. Instead, you introduce yourself as Drift of the Delicate Twilight watched from another flower.

"My name is Soft of the Spyring Blossom." And with that simple introduction she got up and rubbed herself against your hands, as if she'd read your very thoughts. Oh how soft, and light and silken was her coat! Then you realized it had nothing to do with mind-reading. She was just a very friendly, loving mare.

"Yieeeeee!" a joyful cry rang out across the springs. You spin about, looking for something much larger that must have made that sound, but eventually you track down a bright green and yellow Samanayr mare. She raced about the others, kicking up her heels, enjoying the wind in her mane and the sun on her back. She knew how to enjoy life. After a bit she settled down and greeted you with a huge smile.

"Moyrning! I am Jouyrney of the Jeweled Plains."

Suddenly everything began to grow misty, like someone had dropped a kind of veil over your eyes, but it must have covered your ears as well for the voices of the three mares were muffled. They didn't seem to notice anything, continuing on as they had before, but for you, everything was starting to change, as if a cloud were settling in about you. Soon you could barely make out shapes, let alone colour...wait, what was that, drifting over there....

As you watch, the form changes, grows, all the while floating weightlessly in the air. Entranced you watch as a foal grew to colt, grew to stallion...

And then it was gone, and you were once more alone among the trees...

Name: Drift of Delicate Twilight
ID: o013
Gender: Mare
Sire: Teardrop from Glimmering Reflection
Dam: Drift of the Cloud-strewn Twilight
Species: Samanayr-Lamanayr cross
Birth Song: Tears Fallen
Song: Timeless Circle
Traits: Butterfly Wings
June 2006

Name: Soft of the Spring Blossom
ID: 0127
Gender: Mare
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Species: Northern Samanayr
Birth Song: Wild
Song: ???
Traits: Fluffy
February 2009

Name: Journey of the Jeweled Plains
ID: 0155
Gender: Mare
Sire: Wild
Dam: Wild
Song: Song of the Springtime Haven
Traits: Triple Hooves
June 2009

Name: Journey of the North Star
ID: 0173
Gender: Stallion
Sire: Polaris
Dam: Drift of Delicate Twilight
Birth Song: Timeless Circle
Song: Song of the Third Star
Traits: Extensive Foot Tufts, Solid Hooves, part Celestial elemental
May 2009

Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings