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You had just crossed the healing springs using a group of stones that looked like they were there for that very purpose when the snow white mare bounded into view. She noticed you standing on the edge of the pool, so threw back her head and struck a pose.

"Hi! I'm Innaris." She was very young...and apparently very vain. She held her pose, obviously waiting for you to compliment the swirls on her coat or her flaming mane. So you picked a feature, said something nice, and she beamed with pleasure. Mayra snorted from the other side of the pools and Innaris glared at her.

"She's just jealous because her coat is so black she disappears into the shadows. No one can notice her." Well, there was no problems with noticing the white mare. She certainly stood out from a crowd.

And in an instant, her complete demeanour changed. A malicious glint appeared in her eye, her stance became menacing, and she growled softly in the back of her throat. The other leagi at the pool moved away. She muttered something about her Pri~erd summoning her and she took off.

That was strange, but no one seemed willing to explain what just happened.


Name: Innaris
Gender: Female
Parents: Whalen x Relva
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Restless Evils
Offspring: None
March 2005

Pragosi Rainforest