The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


This was the most brightly coloured and patterned leagus you'd met so far, and he was as outgoing and bright as the impression he leaves on his audience.

"Greeting weary traveller, I am Whalen." Weary? Yes, you had to admit you were rather tired from your long walk through the rainforest. It wasn't exactly easy going. Paths would disappear as quickly as you found them, so you'd have to push your way through the underbrush. When he suggested that the two of you settle down to rest a while, you quite willingly agreed.

"Yes, I can recognize a fellow weary traveller. I myself have just returned from a distant land, but I'm sure my adventures were nowhere near as fascinating as your own." Refusing to speak of his own journeys, he encourages you to talk about the leagi you had met thus far.

"So you have met my parents! I haven't seen them in a long time and was actually looking for them now that I'm back."

You indicate the direction where you had last seen them. As you watch him head off to meet up with his family you suddenly wondered if you would ever return from this Realm to find your own. You no longer remembered how you got here, and you certainly had no idea how to leave. Well, all you could do at the moment was press on, after all, you weren't ready to leave just yet anyways.


Name: Whalen
Gender: Male
Parents: Yanar x Zahayva
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Future Visions
Offspring: None August 2003

Pragosi Rainforest