The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


And so explore you did. And what you found was a brightly coloured leagus male name Yanar.

He was an older male you could tell, not like the youthful Timicin you'd first met. His fur was less than perfect but he still held himself with pride and strength. He wasn't ready to be forgotten just yet. You also realized that he was one of the few to have a draconic head and he put it to good use as he smiled at you in a way only a dragon could. You weren't sure if that meant he thought you were dinner or if he was just being friendly.

You wished he'd say something.

But he didn't, he just smiled at you, watching you with those strange blue eyes of his. He'd seen a lot in his years you could tell. He'd been through a lot, neglected and forgotten. But he seemed well here, content.....he nodded.

You start! Was he reading your mind? He shrugs and moves off slowly into the shadows of the forest, the leaves embracing him into the darkness within them.


Name: Yanar
Gender: Male
Parents: Unknown
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Myth and Fantasy
Offspring: Melian, Whalen
December 2000

Pragosi Rainforest