The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


And the shadows darkened. It was hard to tell the time of day through the dense foliage overhead, you could tell that night was approaching quickly, and with it came a leagus with midnight colours.

Her form was mostly draconic, her silver mane glowed like the moon, her white eyes seemed to piece your soul. But for all her fangs and talons, you felt no fear of her. She regarded you with mild curiosity and silent wisdom. Not judging you, just learning from you.

You were mesmerized by her, how the colours on her hide shifted across her bodies as the clouds slipped by overhead. How the shadows grew, then receeded, always held at bay with the brightness of her eyes.

When she was finished with you, she moved off back into the darkening night. After she was gone you began to wonder if you had actually seen her or had the long day in the rainforests heat and humidity caused you to start hallucinating. Perhaps she was no different from the others you had met, just a trick the dark forest played on your mind.

Shaking your head, you push your way through the brush and leave this place.

Valeda smiled as she went to find the others.


Name: Valeda
Gender: Female
Parents: Unknown
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Myth and Fantasy
Offspring: Melian
October 2002

Pragosi Rainforest