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"Okana, stop please! SunBlind will be quite furious if you eat her guest!"

A beautiful white mare, with a flaming rainbow mane had placed herself between the furious leagus and you. Okana snarled, but wouldn't attack another leagus. She turned to smile at you.

"My name is Relva. My mother Wynn told me about you. I wanted to meet you as well, but thought you might have already left. I was just returning to visit with my father Kaylon when I saw Okana coming for you.'

Okana glowered at you, but seemed to be composing herself. She no longer had the intent to kill, maim maybe, but not kill. "This creature made me miss my prey. I *never* miss."

"Well, now you've done something for the very first time. It wasn't so bad was it? And it wasn't as if it were normal circumstances, no one would doubt you would have had your dinner had this traveller not been here. Your reputation is untainted. Besides, we are the only two who know. We won't tell, right?"

Relva turned to you and you nodded vigorously. Okana seemed resigned to accept this fate. With a "Very well", she went off in search of another meal.

"And I must go as well. My father can be impatient sometimes and doesn't like to be kept waiting. I promised him I'd see him, and now I'm running late. If you stay long enough, perhaps we'll run into each other again."

You reply that you'd like that very much and watch as Relva follows Okana into the forest.


Name: Relva
Gender: Female
Parents: Kaylon x Wynn
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Future Visions
Offspring: None
September 2004

Pragosi Rainforest