The Magical Herd

The Rainforest


You ran the secret message that Duana had left you with through your mind a few times. You didn't have to think about it long. Luckily you were still concealed by the foliage when you saw the fiery glow. As you approached more carefully a strange wonder met your eyes.

The leagus lay there sleeping, but it was his mane which had caught your attention. Flames licked upwards but did not seem to burn him or anything around him. Suddenly he raised his head and sniffed the air. You made yourself very small, but it wasn't good enough. His deep bass voice thundered, "WHO'S THERE?"

You decide it would be pointless to try and hide since he could smell you anyway. You step out from your hiding place. He studies you a moment the rises onto his powerful legs, flames flashing upwards and sideways which each movement. "WHO ARE YOU?"

He wasn't really yelling at you, but it seemed that way since his voice was so deep and powerful. You manage to squeak out your name and quickly explain that you were just passing by. He bows.

Surprise must have been written all over your face since he started to chuckle. Speaking more softly he says, "I see Duana has been telling stories again. My bite is worse than my bark, as you humans say, although I am known to have a bit of a temper. I am Kaylon. I came to live here after I was chosen by the EverRealm's Keeper as a prize for SunBlind. She apparently won first place in a story-telling contest," he shrugs. "SunBlind has promised me that soon she would let me read this story, but I am still waiting." He shrugs again.

The leagus stretches, then continues to speak, "I must admit, I am honoured to meet you. I do not often get visitors, let along humans. Duana tends to send the skittering the other way. You must be braver than most or she wasn't trying very hard today."

Not wanting to arouse his fiery temperment, you bow back. As he settles down again, you say a quick good-bye and slip out of there as quickly as possible. You figured that any creature who's mane is on fire should be kept at a safe distance.


Name: Kaylon
Gender: Male
Parents: Wild
Species: Leagus
Pri~erd: Myth and Fantasy
Offspring: Relva
November 2000

Pragosi Rainforest